Color Fluent device

Color Fluent is a user friendly device so you can dye your hair easily without the need of anyone, especially the parts of the head that are more difficult to dye, such as the hair at the back of the head. Also, when you just want to dye your roots, the smart mechanism will help you. It helps that only the roots are identified and then colored.

With the help of the App, you can see all the processes and functions of the device. Also, the App will guide you to find the right color for your hair, and it will provide you with all the instructions related to a dyeing process, and it will save all this information and settings for you. If you want to use the same color again next time, you don't need to make settings again.

  • Image processing technology and RGB color processing
  • Using the latest method in data analysis and data collection
  • TFT-LCD screen
  • Device settings from the device panel
  • Nozzle system for uniform color distribution
  • Equipped with a vibrator part next to the nozzle in order to spread the color properly
  • Capacity display and tank empty warning
  • Configurable sound alert to detect tow-colored border of hair
  • Light and plastic body
  • Connect to the App via Wi-Fi
  • Access to all device settings through the App
  • Appropriate color guide based on individual information through the Survey page
  • Creating a profile and saving the survey results (if you like), for the next time on the history page
  • Power input: 12V DC 2A